Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Why religion should not determine marriage

I am blogging after many years, and you have to put up with my prose!

As Ms. Davis defied the Supreme Court, she became a hero for so many on the right.  She stood-up
for what she believed, they said - her right to practice her religion.  Her decision to not to grant license has nothing to do with her being religious and everything with her being a law-abiding citizen.

She may have done well on the first, but she fared really badly on the second.  Laws exist so that we all can believe and live our lives for a common good, religion has something to do with it but it cannot be the source of such laws, no matter what the majority chooses to believe. For, religion is not an absolute, and so is not one group's god.

Having grown up in a conservative hindu family, I have heard of a million gods and am I to seriously believe that they are all godly and powerful? How are they inferior or superior to any of the other million gods that exist elsewhere in the imaginations of the billions who inhabit this planet? Not to mention the Hulapikiwiki god from Hawaii who promises to bring fish to the sea, and goats on the mountains if one's beard is not shaven.  See - a tribal god is as real as any other god.  They can only exist in the imagination of the collective.Neither can anyone claim that theirs is the supreme almighty nor can they deny the claims of others.  At best, it has to be peace.  My opinions not withstanding, for every person who believes in religion A, there are 3 who believe in others, so what does that tell us.  Pluralism, that's the word. So, please don't involve your religion to deny the rights of others.

If we buy this argument that god is absolute, then Ms. Davis should trust in that god and let the real world play out, knowing full well that she will let the true creator decide the fates of those who defy, assuming hers is the true god.  If god, in contrary, is not absolute, then she has no authority to claim that hers is the true belief for many religions elsewhere have nothing to say about marriage in general and who gets to marry -  ask the god Hulapikiwiki or the Spaghetti monster.

My point is simple, to each man his own. Of course, don't claim moral high ground because your belief is as good as someone else's and there are more on this planet who don't believe in things that you believe.  If you are in doubt travel the world. But, don't just sit in your boondocks of a county and think that you belong to the chosen few.