Sunday, August 24, 2014

Of babas and gurujis

It Is inevitable that you know somebody that believes in a baba or a guruji if you are of Indian origin. The tradition of gurujis is many thousand years old and has a rich tradition in India. 

However, the gurujis you hear of in modem times peddle ancient Indian braathing and yoga techniques and make money while blabbering about the soul and other such stuff that they probably have no clue about. The funny thing is that not only do Indjans in the homeland buy such shit, but people from the western world seem to come in droves to meetings where such pot is doled out. It is hilarious to watch people sit and listen intently to babas and gurujis talk about spirituality, god and self-actualization. Most, if not all, are two bit scamsters who have no clue about what they are talking about.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how one could accept another human being's advice in such things. In prefer Sartre. You live your one life, in a world that you can feel, touch and experience and it ends there. There is but one life, the one that you have and live for that. Trying to lead another person's life or leading a path that someone else illuminates is just plain dull, and banal. 

Conjuring up a divine god, hoping for enlightenment, dreaming about an after life should be considered moral evils because they make us less human and force us to act against our every nature - of belonging to a physical world that has no place for any such fantasy.


Monday, August 04, 2014

Open Source, Beliefs and Redemption

Eight years ago I was on the academic interview circuit presenting my thesis about the effects of social capital on open source project success.  I had to often start presentations talking about what open source meant and why it was important to study it - remember there was no hadoop, iphone had not been launched yet and people never imagined that android would one day be the domiannt mobile OS - RIM ruled. 

I used to cite examples of how google is fiddling around with open source etc., people mostly were amused. I got m job.

In 2012, my thesis finally saw the light of day at Marketing Science:

In 2014, Android and Hadoop rule and I am having the last laugh! Feels good.

Monday, March 24, 2014

India Elections 2014 Projection

Updates to 2014 Poll Projection.  Think of this as an amalgamation of multiple models. Hope is that if you combine multiple surveys, the margin of error will be reduced.
I used NDTV's polls as the basis and then assigned probabilities to multiple scenarios where Congress and BJP have different combinations of gains/losses and then combined the models.

BJP: 203
Congress: 79
Others: 261

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vote share analysis of Delhi Elections

Took me a few minutes to download data on vote shares at the constituency level for the Delhi elections and run a few correlation models. I split the data into three groups based on which of the major parties won; then, I looked at the relationships between vote shares across parties.

My theory that AAP steals from Congress,  when it wins, seems to have some merit.

Constituencies where AAP won

1) vote share of congress has negative effect on AAP share

2) vote share of BJP has no effect on AAP share

Interpretation: AAP stole from Congress, but not from BJP

Constituencies where BJP won

1) no relationship between vote shares

Interpretation: intriguing result, cannot say anything here

Constituencies where Congress won

1) AAP vote share has positive effect on Congress

2) BJP vote share has positive effect on Congress

Interpretation : parties did not steal from each other, they just drew from their own bases and all seemed to compete and do well in getting their voters out to the booths. 

Across all constituencies:

1) BJP negative on AAP

2) AAP and Congress are negative on BJP

3) BJP negative on Congress, AAP positive on Congress.