Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2014 Indian Lok Sabha Elections Forecast

Check out a state-wise forecast model that I created for Congress/BJP seats for 2014 using 2009 election results. (inspired by Nate Silver's work; not as sophisticated as his models though). No passions involved, more interest in the electoral process than the results per se :)


There are six scenarios with various probabilities and then an aggregate scenario that assigns probabilities to each of the six scenarios. I plan to eventually build up a model with probabilities assigned at the state-level (takes more time). The sheet is self-explanatory and you are free to download and play around with it. Comments are welcome!

My current prediction: Congress 114, BJP 178, Others 252. This is fluid and i will update the models as time progresses.

Most optimistic scenario for BJP 249, Congress 69.
Most optimistic scenario for Congress 136, BJP 146.