Monday, July 02, 2012

The worst of telugu cinema

I have very low opinion on telugu cinema.  One of the biggest reasons why I hold it in low regard is its inherent stuck in the rut because the old heroes never go away!  And, when I say it, I mean it.  Old as in really old, not 35, but 65!  

I would not have had a problem if the heroines were meted out the same level of respect and roles that the male heroes get.  However, what irks me is that while the heroes can happily don younger roles and play college student and run around trees with a never ending stream of young actresses, the yesteryear actresses are delegated to playing mothers and aunts.  Often, the same actress who played the leading man's love interest a few years ago will end up playing the aunt of the same actor.  

Further, there is another element of dynastic proportions.  Even if kids (read male kids) born to leading actors of yesteryears have zero talent or the looks to be leading actors, they are unleashed upon the telugu audience who like the nincompoops they are accept and celebrate them.  To add insult o injury, girls from film families are seldom allowed (very rarely) allowed to become actresses!  They become directors may be, but are spared the limelight.  Is there a better group of MCPs ever?

Next, the industry also has a great affection for non-telugu women.  I cannot for the love of god, figure out why!  Maybe i know the reason, but this applies only to women and not to men.  Men from other states can only play villains, or character actors.

There are some signs that cinema is improving. An younger crop of directors and producers have made some creative movies and moved away from formulaic cinema involving dynastic heroes. But, there is room for much improvement.  

I was a big fan of telugu cinema, the golden oldies in particular.  I feel sorry that it has become a circus now and hope it can at least gain some of its past glory.

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