Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pramati leads the way with Qontext

I admire Pramati Technologies not because I worked there a decade ago, but because of its incessant focus on innovation. A decade ago Pramati was a enterprise platform software vendor with a focus on products.  Today, it has transformed itself into a enterprise solution provider without losing its focus on innovation.

Of particular attention is its drive into social media technology.  Qontext, a new offering from the Pramati stable is an enterprise wide social media platform that is offered as a service. With Qontext, Pramati takes the power of social media into the enterprise.

There is ample evidence that implicit knowledge resides in a distributed, disconnected for, in the many silos of organizations. Although traditional knowledge management systems capture such tacit knowledge, they are not good at capturing the interconnectivity in the processes that lead to such knowledge. An enterprise wide social media platform solves this problem by creating a foundation for the various connected conversations in the organization to play out.  Being able to access such knowledge and act on it can be a competitive advantage in a world where there is increasing data deluge.

Way to go, Pramati!