Friday, December 11, 2009

On Open Collaboration

Baldwin and von Hippel have a nice HBS working knowledge article on open innovation models. Many applications of user-involvement exist out there - Twitter, Youtube and Wikipedia, to name a few. The impact of such collaboration has a huge relevance for firms because it offers them new means to engage customers and possible develop and design new products with the aid of such engagement.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

An epitome of customer service

There are no words to describe what AT&T is asking its customers to do.   Let me give it a try.

Hey .. use our cell phone service, use our latest phone - iPhone, pay a fortune for doing so.. but you know what.. please go easy on  using it.  If you ask me, Apple is the devil incarnate .. it knows how to tempt people with really smart devices.  However, the laggards that cell phone companies are, they are not able to match the sins of apple in innovation. My guess is that At&T will continue to struggle to meet iPhone's capabilities.  

My take on it is that Apple did the wrong thing by not going to the other providers quicker. The slow pace of change at AT&T's side can be explained by the temporary monopoly it has on iphone customers.  Take that our and the web will be a much better place...