Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For a Few Dollars More

I like my rights.  In fact, as an immigrant I appreciate what i enjoy here in the US. 

As a dutiful taxpayer I realize that my tax dollars are at work when my car does not hit a single bump on I-40 from Chapel Hill to Greensboro.  I also realize that my tax money pays for public schools, community health programs among other initiatives.  I realize there are benefits I gain by paying for these programs and willing to bear the burden.

So, in really tough times when the Prez calls on everyone to support a health care initiative that has the potential to insure a big chunk of the 40 million who are currently uninsured, I jump right in.  I know that the current system is working but I also see the trajectory and realize that if nothing is done then things will only get worse.  

Individuals without insurance just end up emergencies and add to the taxpayer bill.  I would rather insure these folks, get them to see the doctor regularly and reduce loss of life and cut costs at the same time.  Further, I don't see what is the moral wrong in trying to provide a safety net to the millions who have little hope for good health.  if I have to partake a few hundred dollars for the sake of saving a few kids' lives, I would gladly do do.  Liberal, conservative or libertarian .. I think saving another person's life is never a bad thing.  

For a few dollars more, a life saved is a wonderful thing.