Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taking care of the customer

Believe me, when companies want to screw up -  by God, they will.

I had to make a short and unplanned trip to Detroit recently, and tried to make a rental car reservation.  To my dismay, not a single rental agency had any cars available o location. Anyone who has been to Detroit before will realize that getting to the suburbs without a pick-up or a rental car will leave you poorer by about 80 dollars, the amount you will spend on a taxi.  Not willing to spend that kind of money, I decided to gamble and go directly to the rental offices to figure out if I can get a car.

What I did not know was that the Baptists were having their convention in the city and for some godforsaken reason, the rental agencies had blocked every single car for this convention.  I could not believe that their planning was so dismal.  They were not willing to rent a car for a higher price either.  So, eventually I found no cars to rent and took a taxi to my destination.

I tried looking up the internet in the afternoon for a late night rental car pick-up and presto, they were available now.  An economy car, think Chevy Aveo, was going for hundred dollars a day!  With no choices, I got a ride to the airport from my wife's brother-in-law and managed to get an economy car.

Now, the point I am trying to make is this - the rental agencies had cars sitting on their lots all through the afternoon.  However, they were supposedly on reserve for the convention.  They were willing to turn down walk-in customers who are likely to pay a lot more in favor of a group that may never turn-up!

Taking care of customers - it must be some kind of a joke.