Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Telugu cinema and Marketing

Obviously, I am interested in marketing.  My interest in telugu cinema has waned but I still keep track of what's been happening.  It seems to me that Tollywood is extremely good at one thing - making movies that appeals to the masses.  A market penetration strategy implying that growth can only come from showing people more of the same stuff or gettign them to watch the same stuff multiple times.  Given the content in telugu movies, this is what is happening.  Tollywood is market driven - they cater to the needs of the market much like firms that react to the environment.  Making more movies starring the Nadamuri clan that address various issues using a similar story line.  Sound similar?

What choice do they have? To be market driving - i.e., to define and create new markets through continuous innovation.  This implies that that producers rethink the role of the clan heroes, question the story lines and be creative.  There are a few who make movies in this genre - Varma, Vishwanath, Shekhar Kammula among others.  However, the pity is that their group is still in the minority.

Eventually, the mass market will lead to disaster.  Marketing principles dictate that only differentiation can lead to higher preference for a firm's offerings - there is future for good film-making.  Innovate or die.