Monday, January 26, 2009

Hyderabad: A very dubious distinction

Andhra Pradesh is often touted as one of the role model states that have managed to leverage the power of the IT sector to bootstrap themselves from perpetual misery.  However, what many don't know is that Andhra has two of the largest industrial development centers, outside of Gujarat - Jeedimetla and Patancheru are one of the largest industrial hubs in India. Thousands of small to medium sized industrial firms create thousands of jobs and spew out tons of poisonous chemicals.

A new study by a swedish university finds  alarming levels of antibiotics in the drinking water supplies for people living in the surrounding areas. The area could be called the world's supplier of Ciproflaxin as per the report.  

Clearly, a disaster similar to what is happening in much of China is playing out at a smaller scale here.  The Andhra government takes great pride in the fact that provide good governance due to their IT friendly policies. Much needs to be done on basic issues such as ensuring that all citizens get access to basic necessities, at least good drinking water and air.  They have failed miserably in this measure.

i hope something gets done quickly.