Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Windows 7: First Impressions

So far, so good.
I was able to download the .iso file which was about 2.7 GB from the Microsoft downloads site before it started getting crowded yesterday. Today afternoon I downloaded GParted Live and used it to reorganize the partitions on మై hard drive. I made sure that the new partition I created was NTFS and let my old 120 GB partition hold the Win XP. I also left about 20 gigs for a fresh new ubuntu install :)

I was surprised that the ఎంతిరె Win 7 installation process took only about 15-20 minutes and there were no glitches. My hardware is fairly old - 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 with about 3 Gigs of DDR SODIMM Ram on it. An ATI card with 128 MB RAM is the hardware for the graphics.
The OS installed nicely and a small nifty dialogue screen that popped up suggested I consider some anti-virus software for Win 7. LO and behold, in the next screen I saw trial anti-virus offerings for Win 7. Microsoft managed to pull off some nice freebies with Kaspersky, AVG and Norton. I went with Kaspersky due to prior bad experiences with Norton 360.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for Win 7. I have never laid a finger on Vista so far and I don't intend to. i think there is some good things here. I hope Microsoft does not mess it up. Finally, I still say I root for Ubuntu .... it has a much slicker interface.

Political Disaster in Andhra

Playing the role of a hero in a movie is different from running a apolitical campaign. My hopes of Chiranjeevi actually making a difference in the political scene are ebbing by the day. I had hoped for good things from him not because I am a "fan", but because I wanted a third front to the caste dominated corrupt politics of Congress and TDP in Andhra.

Chiranjeevi's praja rajyam party seemed to provide that third secular front without any ties to castes. Chiranjeevi's political pitch concerning the downtrodden and their upliftment seemed like a good idea to win the election. However, Chiranjeevi has so far shown little or no leadership in terms of marshaling his resources. He still attracts major crowds - there is no doubt in that. However, based on some news reports it seems like he has no clue how to manage an organization. It is not enough to cheer up a crowd with promises. A political leader shoudl also know how to be a smart negotiator and an able judge of people.

Being a good judge is important because Chiranjeevi has a lot of well-wishers. But, being a well wisher does not mean they are going to be a sound advise giver. Politics are complicated and they need a lot of thinking and honestly I think Chiranjeevi has the charisma but lacks the intellectual horsepower to hold the campaign.

If Chiranjeevi has to make an impact as I believe he wants, he needs to get his act straight. The path is clear - hire sound managers, people who have experience running large teams to manage the campaign. Pay them well. Approach the whole thing in a sound systematic way and there will surely be success. Hire people with sound economic training and the street smarts who will hold the flanks from running amok. Managing the herd is important for Chiranjeevi - now that he has got the herd.

News media is terrible when it comes to Andhra politics.
Surprisingly, there is not much of independent news. The major vernacular newspaper Eenadu is biased towards a particular party and the English dailies fail to capture the nuances of regional politics. Moreover, Deccan is very Hyderabad centric and the other big papers just do not have a grasp about the regional dynamics in Andhra. Blogging is yet to have an impact on the Andhra political scene.

The public do not have access to good independent analysis of the agendas being put out by various political parties. The TV news channels are noisy and seek drama more than intelligent analysis of the issues.

As it is common in India, most parties do not say anything to the detail in their election agenda. Most of what they say remains as false promises.

Clearly, there is an opportunity for Chiranjeevi to get a sound message across the state. A clear simply crystallized message should get him to power or at least hold the balance of power. Getting thsi message is tough. He has what no one else has - a fresh start and the raw materials to start a new era. Something that does not coem by every election cycle. Additionally, he has the public's support, the charisma and the will to make a difference. I hope he has the smarts to pull it off.