Friday, June 12, 2009

God's credit crisis

It is said that Lord Balaji had to borrow millions of rupees from Lord Kubera to pay for his grand wedding many thousands of years ago.  Taking inflation into account that must be godzillions of rupees by now.  Devotees make contributions to the Lord so that he can continue to make interest payments to Lord Kubera.

Even God had to be bailed out, no wonder General Motors and Citibank need one.  It is usually the taxpayer who steps in.  Well, I take that back - once in a while a rich devotee such as Mr. Reddy makes a big donation.  A diamond studded gold crown that weighs 34 Kg and costs over 45 crore rupees (about 8 M USD).  I guess Mr. Reddy expects a ticket to heaven or wherever he thinks he will end up after his life here on earth.  What he does not realize is that he is not helping the Lord by any means.  Buying assets for a person who is in deep debt does not help that person. Will Kubera take it easy if Balaji wears a gold crown instead of making payments? It is like a homeowner in Michigan buying a Ferrari - does that make any sense to you.  Throw in the eccentricities of the commodities market and gold may not seem like a good bet if stocks start rising!

Even if we try to convince ourselves that by heaping carbon stones on God we get in his/her good books, we should not forget Economics.  Lord balaji must be cringing looking at the crown and what Mr. Kubera's reaction to the crown will be.  If you believe in God, make a cash donation - so that it will get used in some public works project and at least go to Kubera's coffers and make the Lord's life easier.

Disclaimer: I am an atheist falling off a cliff and therfore have no interest in the credit score of any person real or fictional mentioned in this blog post. 

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