Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter, seriously who has the time

I like blogging.  Tweeting - hell no!  Who has the time?

I cannot understand why people would want to know trivial things about others and let others know what trivial things they do - where they are drinking coffee, what they are reading. As a society it is understandable that we generate and consume more information than we have ever done in the past - but tweeting?

I teach a course on product management to the Tar Heels and most of them seemed to agree with me.  I tried to introduce them to SecondLife, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin and the only thing that seemed to gel with them was facebook and I had to hard sell linkedin.  Secondlife and Twitter got the most sneers.

I agree.  Who has the time to live as an altar in a virtual world and buy fake real estate on an island with real money. There is more wasted land lying aroudn in the real world after the economic bust.  Comign to twitter, I cannot believe that people who have normal jobs and work 8 hours a day have the time to tweet. Much of the marketing hype that surrounds twitter is just liek the hazy cloud that surrounded the 5th online grocer back from days.  I had written earlier about the various social networkign websites here.
That blogpost drew some interetsing comments from someone who claimed to be one of the founders of myspace.  True - you could look at investor interest to figure out the "potential". But history has shown tiem and again that early investors are very poor in calling the right winners.  For all the Ram Shrirams aroudn there are many unknowns who have lost millions.  As an intelligent investor, I woudl rather look at simple things such as if they have 1) a sound business plan to make money 2) invested in processes  and 3) can do it better than others.

Wish it was that simple...

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