Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baseball and Marriage

Found an interesting read on Businessweek concerning baseball and marriage.  A study in an academic journal reports a negative relationship between a city's divorce rate and whether it has a baseball team or not.  It even suggests some implications.

The study claims that one could posit that couples in such cities get to spend time with each other by going to such games and hence a lower divorce rate. Seem too indirect to me.  Well, that is the nature of such correlational analysis.  Nothing is reported about whether the study controls for a host of other factors that lead to lower divorce rates, including the changing demographics, presence of immigrants - the semi-retirement of Tom Cruise and the ageing of Madonna and Demi Moore.  Who knows? Maybe they did, maybe they did not.  Taking such news at face value leads to nothing.  A meaningful conclusion can only result after sufficient evidence is pesented concerning all the control variables that may lead to a lower divorce rate.

On a slightly different note - baseball...???!!!!!  Does anyone watch baseball anymore?

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