Sunday, March 01, 2009

Random thoughts on Andhra politics.

Andhra's politics are on my mind. I had the misfortune of watching a clip of actress Roja speaking at a public function. I think it is time, we banish the woman to the land of Neptune and ask Thor to keep watch over her.

The kind of language the woman uses and the things she says on television are just abhorring. Local media is giving her so much coverage that I cannot figure out if they like her or if they are being satirical! Knowing the talent of local media in AP, I can only assume that they think she makes sense because she is loud-mouthed.

The problem in Andhra is that there is no political leader who makes sense. Maybe YSR, but the man frightens me. In general, every idiot who gets the stage gets attention. Mr.Naidu should be severely penalized in the elections for unleashing an evil such as Roja on the public. Her only objective seems to be bad-mouthing everyone. Second, the couple of Jeevitha and Rajasekhar must be banned as well. They have contributed nothing to the field of cinema and now they are here to represent the common man. It is a pity that winning elections is seen as a path to making money. I am sure they are planning how to purchase properties in Singapore if they win elections.

Finally, I plead that Balakrishna be banned as well. Anyone who has seen his movies will realize that the man does not belong to earth. A man who can stop a train with a thigh-slap and make it go back in a movie can cause immense damage to the fortunes of the state. For him the entire state is a stage and its denizens are merely audience.

The state has become a roadshow. Participation in movies seems to be the only ticket to politics. I am sure NTR would not be turning in his grave.

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