Friday, March 06, 2009

An interesting conversation with a Chase customer rep

I came up with following script I intend to use one day with Chase.

I will probably be home and I will get the usual 1.00 PM call from Chase.  Yes, they do try to reach me every day at home at 1:00 PM to ask me the same thing - if I would like to join their Credit Protector program. It will finally get to me and when I answer the call .... read ahead.

Rep: Can I speak to Girish  Mallalallllllll (some incoherent babble trying to pronounce my last name)?
Me: Yes, this is Girish.  What is this call about?
Rep: I am calling from Chase to inform you about a new service.  Before that, I need to ask you a few questions.

Me: Please, go ahead.
Rep:  Can you please verify your name and address?
Me: I already told you my name.  I cannot verify my address because I don't know who you are.  How can I be sure you are from Chase?
Rep: Sir, I am calling from Chase.
Me: You just told me that. I want you to verify somehow that you are indeed calling from chase and that you are not some rip off.

Rep: But, Sir. We call our customers regularly.
Me: Yes Ma'm.  I know that. But what if you are not from Chase and I verify my name, address and social security number with you and you go an use that information to do something nasty?
Ok, let's do something.  Will you please verify my SSN?

Rep:  Sorry, sir. For security reasons I cannot reveal the information to you.

Me: Address?
Rep: Sir, I have told you.  I am not at liberty to share that with you.
Me: Ok.  Let me get it straight.  You will call me and without knowing who you are you want me to verify all my life's details with you.  Sorry, Ma'm.  I cannot go ahead with this call. And, plase do not call me ever unless you have soem way to verify that you are indeed Chase. Bye, now.

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Xtended Partition said...

good one dude, reminds me of the sienfeld episode, where Jerry asks the tele-sales guy his home number so he can call back... let me know how it went..