Monday, March 02, 2009

GOP: Searching for a voice and Mr. Limbaugh answers

Just heard Mr. Limbaugh's rant against Obama. It was atrocious - ironically it stands for two things, one very American and one very un-American. American in the manifestation of a citizen's right to stand up and rant against the President - something that is not easy in many democracies. And, un-American in its intolerance and hatred.

A hatred that has always been a never ending diatribe against progressive policies that are aimed at reducing inequality and reducing poverty in the country.

The republican party has received a much-deserved drubbing in the elections. Even states as red as NC, Iowa and Virginia have turned blue clearly indicating the tide of things to come in the future. Yet, people like Mr. Limbaugh think that it is their god-given gift to be loud-mouthed go on air ranting against how the country lost its course. They forget that the people's verdict was a vote "for" Mr. Obama's policies not against it. Not having a strong leader at the helm and more importantly having lost its "soul", the GOP is increasingly delineating itself from the mainstream public by turning to people like Mr. Limbaugh.

Support cutting taxes - and also support going to a two trillion war! I don't see how you can stick to the first and comfortably pay for the second! Anyways

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Xtended Partition said...

I dont know if i agree with the fact that Red side has ever "made" or assumed Mr.Limbaugh to be their spokesman.. They sure capitalized the free speech in their favor .. but when the tide went too awry, their support is falling apart like a pack of cards..

Limbaugh, like other many Radio Jockeys (Howard Stern,Dom Imus, Opie&Anthony etc) are just a factor of entertainment.. they capitalize on "shock" factor.. Such things are best dealt with plain ignorance than rant about it.. The more this is getting publicity, Limbaugh gets his way as thats what he wants.. good publicity.. Tip my hat to Mr.Michael Steele to stirring the pot and calling out on Limbaugh..there still is some sense in the ranks..