Thursday, February 12, 2009

Google turns another corner

Barely a fortnight ago Google pulled out of the business of placing ads in newspapers, a very under the radar announcement on which I blogged here.  Today, Google announced that it was pulling out of the radio business as well.

Whether this is good or bad news only time will tell.  One could argue that Google needs to focus on its core competency of placing ads on websites and continue to aggressively pursue its dominance in that market.  However, what is troubling is that Google has not been able to monetize any of its other offerings successfully. The much hyped Youtube acquisition is yet to turn profitable and websites like Hulu that came up later have shown by staying away from user-generated content you could attract advertisers and make money.

It is too early to give up hope on Google.  They have the talent and the resources to keep it going until they figure it out.  I hope it is no the beginnign of the end of their growth period.

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