Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cooliris, Firefox and Safari

Open Source does beat everything else to the game! I was looking through my unused add-ons in Firefox and realized that I had application called cooliris that had the capability of 3-D visualization within Firefox and that I had actually used it before!
So, I guess Firefox still rules! Bye bye Safari.


Ali Shams said...

Exactly! Apple software may be cuter and they may be very good at their "architectural" innovations where they educate everyone in the market but open source has a greater power of creating real productivity.

Which one will be more successful?

Girish Mallapragada said...


Very nice observation. It is interesting that use the phrase - architectural innovation. It is usually taken to mean an ability to come up with novel ways how one can link up existing product components (reference look up Henderson and Clark 1990). That is to reconfigure things rather than make new things.

An uncoordinated group of open source volunteers are probably more efficient in coming up with new things than reconfiguring things. I am just hypothesizing, but it is definitely an interesting line of thought.