Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aishwarya bombs .. yet again

What do you get when you take Aishwarya Rai and throw her into a movie with some degree of international favor?

A dud.

She has that effect. She can somehow jinx any movie that has non-indian actors in it. I am not a big fan of her acting skills or even believe that she should be acting - have you seen her in the movie "Mistress of Spices"? I have had the misery of watching the movie and realized I have been a fool all along. I had a trick to cure me of all my evils in my very own spice - green peppers!

Pink Panther 2 is the latest in a series of Aishwarya Rai achievements. I sincerely feel she was the cause of failure. I don't know if there is a rational process which drives this effect, but it works every time she stars in a non-indian movie. I pray that the James Bond franchise takes this into account if/when they consider her.

Further, the husband-wife bonding is too strong in Indian films. Mrs. Bachchan is playing the role of Sita to her husband's Ravana. I don't know what to make of their cinematic relationship. Did the director feel so compelled that they should act in a movie and decided to cast her somehow in the movie. Or is it just that he feels she is too beautiful to be a demon king's wife and that is why she is cast as Sita? Whatever the case maybe, I am sick of seeing the two of them together in movies.


Anonymous said...

u don’t make any point aish is the cause of the failure of Pink panther ? Man you must be one sad man. she was ok in the film but film had a a simple script and that’s why the film was so so. Aish has done some awesome acting in films like Chokher Bali, Raincoat, Devdas and Guru.

Girish Mallapragada said...

Hey, congratulations.. you figured out my mental state so perfectly.

There are two different things going on here. Her acting and then her forays into non-indian films.

If you read my post it says she has an effect on bombing non-indian films.

Secondly, I guess we have different standards for what good acting means.