Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Windows 7: First Impressions

So far, so good.
I was able to download the .iso file which was about 2.7 GB from the Microsoft downloads site before it started getting crowded yesterday. Today afternoon I downloaded GParted Live and used it to reorganize the partitions on మై hard drive. I made sure that the new partition I created was NTFS and let my old 120 GB partition hold the Win XP. I also left about 20 gigs for a fresh new ubuntu install :)

I was surprised that the ఎంతిరె Win 7 installation process took only about 15-20 minutes and there were no glitches. My hardware is fairly old - 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 with about 3 Gigs of DDR SODIMM Ram on it. An ATI card with 128 MB RAM is the hardware for the graphics.
The OS installed nicely and a small nifty dialogue screen that popped up suggested I consider some anti-virus software for Win 7. LO and behold, in the next screen I saw trial anti-virus offerings for Win 7. Microsoft managed to pull off some nice freebies with Kaspersky, AVG and Norton. I went with Kaspersky due to prior bad experiences with Norton 360.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for Win 7. I have never laid a finger on Vista so far and I don't intend to. i think there is some good things here. I hope Microsoft does not mess it up. Finally, I still say I root for Ubuntu .... it has a much slicker interface.

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