Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The state of andhra politics

The more I try to read up on what's happening in Andhra Pradesh, the more I am scared.  It seems to me that the state is hurtling towards a political disaster of alarming proportions.  Politics, beyond the obvious gimmicks, has a large impact on the state's governance.  Following populist programs, instead of adopting progressive policies will only cause the state more harm and reset much of the advances achieved in the last ten years.

I had hoped that Chiranjeevi's entry will shake up the political system and make TDP and Congress more accountable to what they say and promise.  However, all I see is more film stars in the political drama that has been unfolding. The herd-like mentality of illiterate film-goers who mix-up onscreen persona of their heroes with their real-life traits is surely going to damage the future of the state.
Now, TDP has recruited the entire NTR clan to try and win the elections. Congress, although slow, is trying to woo some big stars as well.  Such nonsense can only unfold in a state where movies seem to be the only thing that anyone and everyone cares about.

I don't see one leader who brings a rational, intelligent approach to solving the state's problems. Although, I believe that Naidu is the most capable of the lot, it is a pity that he has to rely on film stars to win the election and not on the merit of his governance capability. 

On california chickens and human rights

Sure, November 5th was a momentous day.  Apart from the most obvious thing, there are a couple of things that need attention.  First, the state of California has acted in a manner that is outrageous and unforgivable.  In one stroke, the voters have cast doubts on the progressiveness of the state.

They have approved a proposition calling for a ban on same-sex marriage and another that chickens be confined in cages where they could spread their wings.  Can you believe it? The right of a chicken to spread its wings is apparently more important than the right of two humans to live together.  I am not sure of this surprising outcome is a result of the changing demographics of the state or if the citizens of this great state have begun to slowly experience a decay in their progressive agenda.  Further, the voters have rejected another proposition which calls for utility companies to rely on renewable sources to a greater degree.  Why? What is wrong with you Californians ? You get a chance to impact us all in a better way and you choose to mess it up? I had always admired you for the often revolutionary stance you have taken on many issues ranging from same-sex marriage and climate change.  You have messed it up this time and I am not sure how badly this will impact us all.