Monday, May 12, 2008

Failure of IPL Mallya and Dravid show the way

I had written in one of my earlier posts that IPL is the beginning of demise of cricket in India.  The cracks are are already evident.  The IPL is being run as a marketing franchise whose sole purpose is entertaining the masses and making big bucks.  however, given the very nature of sport - someone is bound to lose - and those who bet big on the losing teams will be the ones to bail out first. Enter - Vijay Mallya.

The Challengers are languishing at the bottom of the IPL table and I won't be surprised to learn about Mr. Ambani's feelings about the Indians.  The whole thing is nothing but a big joke on Indians. I used to like cricket. However, I want to cheer for Tendlya hit a six against Shane Warne. Not Gilchrist hit a six against Bajji.  There is no fun in that - even if Gilchrist plays for the Chargers. 

Leave cricket alone - shah rukh, preity, mallya, ambani... go away and let us watch a game in peace.