Thursday, February 28, 2008

adios amigos

It was not ()asy for m() to to mak() this d()cision.  I d()cid()d to walk away from the ()nglish alpab()t.  I gu()ss you must hav() figur()d out who I am, and what I m()an to the ()nglish languag().  B()for() I proc()()d, I must admit that this d()cision was mad(), b()caus() there is no ()mpathy left on this plan()t.  It is just apathy!

()mpathy is in my opinion the strongest ()motion and looking at mankind's downward spiral towards a complete lack of this - I d()cid() I am no longer us()ful as w()ll.  Th()r() will be no ()mpathy and no ()motion anyways, so, why will anyon() n()()d m().

Yours truly,