Saturday, January 12, 2008

The not forgotten mile markers

I have driven quite a bit in my life.  I probably, just went past my 140,000 miles mark in the US in roughly about 5.5 years. However, I have not forgotten the mile markers - in fact many of them on I-80 and I-75, en route from Penn State to Detroit.  A few of my favorites are mile 44 on I-75 when I get the first view of Motown, mile 196 on I-80 Portage Service Plaza,  Kent State University on exit 187 on I-80 in OH, so on and so forth.

I might have slowed down on my driving, but I shall never ever forget my driving past .. specifically the green mile markers.

Enemy Below: Movie Review

Well, I shouldn't call this post a review - it is more of an endorsement.  I saw "Enemy Below" today, and folks, believe me if you are a fan of war movies then this one sure does stand up there with Midway, Tora Tora Tora, and other classics.  Kurt Jergens sure looked mean, and Robert Mitchum has always been one of my favorites.

Although, the movie seemed like a fairy tale at the ending, it did make a point.  Wars are "fought" by men, even though they are started by wimps (read hitler, bush etc.)