Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new kind of religion

I have had the opportunity to witness a close relative of mine adopt Christianity with a zeal that is unparalleled even by the faithful millions that throng lectures by people like Joel Osteen.  What scares me is not the fact that there are many Indians like her who are converting to Christiniaty.  I am least bothered by someone else's faith.  However, what troubles me is the religious dogma that they seem to adopt along with the religion. For many, it is a change from being a dogmatic Hindu to being a dogmatic Christian. 

I cannot fathom what people who convert look for in the other religion.  All religions come with costs, but strip away all the mumbo-jumbo, at the core of all faiths are simple truths that all men are created equal.  How can then intolerance at those who choose to practice another faith come into being?  Additionally, what really fascinates me is this notion that if you change your faith somehow, you become different and now you are a true believer. I had written a post a long time ago as to why an atheist such as me does not want to go to hell based on the simple premise that for me there is no heaven or hell.

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