Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On california chickens and human rights

Sure, November 5th was a momentous day.  Apart from the most obvious thing, there are a couple of things that need attention.  First, the state of California has acted in a manner that is outrageous and unforgivable.  In one stroke, the voters have cast doubts on the progressiveness of the state.

They have approved a proposition calling for a ban on same-sex marriage and another that chickens be confined in cages where they could spread their wings.  Can you believe it? The right of a chicken to spread its wings is apparently more important than the right of two humans to live together.  I am not sure of this surprising outcome is a result of the changing demographics of the state or if the citizens of this great state have begun to slowly experience a decay in their progressive agenda.  Further, the voters have rejected another proposition which calls for utility companies to rely on renewable sources to a greater degree.  Why? What is wrong with you Californians ? You get a chance to impact us all in a better way and you choose to mess it up? I had always admired you for the often revolutionary stance you have taken on many issues ranging from same-sex marriage and climate change.  You have messed it up this time and I am not sure how badly this will impact us all.

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