Monday, October 27, 2008

The worst news site ever -

I have been following a website for a few months now:  The site never ceases to amaze me with the crap that it reports, or maybe I should say it publishes.  Many news items on this website are merely titbits of information, often taken from leading newspapers in Andhra Pradesh. Although the site has separate sections for movies and politics - often these two are so intertwined, given the state of politics in in Andhra Pradesh.

Most published stuff on this site is merely opinion and is often presented as if it were a fact. Very little is of any consequence and the language is so poor that it begs a grammar check from stupid MS word.  What threw me off the cliff was this article filed under the section titled "Special News": Attempting To Understand Religions and Gods!  I don't think I have read anything more banal or nonsensical in my entire life. 

For example, a paragraph begins as follows:

Listening to this the humans understood that there is someone beyond them who is divine. They started adoring the Sun. They understood the feel of adoration. They felt the fear of being controlled. Masters were happy. Their noble mission took an initial step towards the vision of bending the humans towards spirituality.

"they understood the feel of adoration" ?  What in whose name I dare not take, does that mean?

Point taken - everyone has a right in the new brave digital world.  Therefore, I too have a right to criticize a pseudo-news site that is probably up and running because it manages to attract thousands of visitors and thereby makes money.  What amazes me is the banality of news reporting and the very fact that the site has actually managed to get so many online advertisers.  I read it for my everyday share of slapstick reporting. 

Please, if you are in the business of making money off of Chiranjeevi's entry into politics, the upcoming election in Andhra Pradesh, the role of Junior NTR and Illeana in shaping Andhra Pradesh - please stick to that.  You will have your share of idiots visiting your site.  But, please do not pretend that you are a comprehensive news site. If you want to write bull, start a blog and do what millions of aspiring writers have done all over the world, including me. It is my bull and I do not call it news - it is often opinion and yes, it is biased.


Govardhan said...

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Jagadish said...

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