Wednesday, September 03, 2008

heard officially

Unbelievable it is, when a Republican commentator goes on record saying that Americans would understand when told that Sarah Palin does not even have a passport. Apparently, whether a politician has a passport or not could be an indicator of their foreign policy credibility! 

Other things I have heard on news:

  1. Being the governor of the state that is closest to the new belligerent Russia will help her credibility in dealing with Mr.Putin (good luck to that).
  2. She was the mayor of a town with a population of 7000 and a state with a population of about 700,000 - that qualifies her and  apparently makes her even better than Mr. Obama (who by the way beat the mighty Clinton machine with his organizational skills).
  3. She is a working mom and therefore understands the issues of women better - well, this seems reasonable.
  4. She is pro-life; I don't understand how this would benefit women though.
  5. She believes in creationism - hmm, it must be a miracle of nature that someone with her credentials is getting national stage. So, let's give it to her on this one.
  6. A republican strategist claims she is a great administrator because she sold a plane on ebay!

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