Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Faithful Poor

I guess it is sheer blind faith in an almighty god that makes a society oblivious to the pathetic state of its members while covering its deities in gold.  TTD, an organization that oversees one such deity, stands an epitome of such irony in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.  While millions suffer with lack of proper access to primary healthcare, water and other basic amenities over 200 million USD will be spent on covering the temple in gold.  Agreed, the TTD has probably done its share of good by feeding the poor who visit the temple. However, how does humanity benefit by seeing their god covered in a stupid metal that glitters?

Does a ritual like "Subhiksha Yagnam" solve India's food problem? What we lack is a honest discussion of how faith plays a role in the Indian society while apathy rules the minds of the faithful. A sorry state indeed.


Anonymous said...

I guess there was a time when that type of social institution worked in terms of helping the poor and feeding the hungry. Now with more efficient types of social security this has become obsolete.

The problem (or beauty) of social evolution is that nothing is never complete. yesterday's efficient religions are today's dysfunctional cults.

But all things aside, I would be happy if I were you. Shiite Muslims spend the same amount of gold for their domes and spend the rest of the money on suicide bombers.

Girish Mallapragada said...

Good point. However, I see the behavior that you refer to as extreme form of blind faith that calls for someone to die to defend that faith.

I am indeed happy that I only have to deal with blindness in terms of apathy not rage.

Anonymous said...

Please dont bring TTD as controversary, we went there did a small mistake all class suffered,
one guy shot a photo other guy got beatings.

TTD does daily annadhanam, vasthra dhanam. It is an example for rich and prospertity and global equality in doing this.

TTD is also going forward to do many good things, All devotees wants their god to be rich. All the gold is brought by devotees and not by the God. If you any poor go to tirumala or tirupati he will get food in nityannadhanam scheme. There is lot of work there if u wish to do.

TTD said...