Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chrome vs Firefox

To a lot of people what browser they use might not be a big issue.  For me, it is :).  I have been following the browser wars for a long time and have every possible browser installed on my laptop, and I upgrade to the latest versions asap.  Call me crazy, but I think the future of computing will be back in the "cloud", what we call the Internet and therefore Browsers will play a bigger role than operating systems.

Therefore, the moment I got wind of the news that Chrome, a new browser from Google, was being released I jumped up in joy.  Well, not exactly.  Ideally, i would have wanted Google to take Firefox as it is and fork it to develop a much better browser.  What they did was to take the best of firefox and re-engineer a browser from scratch.  The resulting Chrome is definitely a right step towards exploiting the future cloud, but is still a long way to go.  The good thing is that Google announced that it woudl continue to support Firefox for another three years, and , together Chrome and Firefox are sure to bring down IE and with it MS.

The best feature is the multi-processing capability of Chrome.  The browser treats tabs as different processes and therefore does not slow down as you open more tabs.  Moreover, if a particular process in a tab crashes, the browser itself doe snot crash - a gift, given the instability in many java based applications. 


Xtended Partition said...

this comment posted from Chrome.. love the task manager which boasts of smaller footprint in comparison to ff or ie.. Only if they can fix other bugs soon and release a non-beta version.

Girish Mallapragada said...

XP...I have been using chrome regularly. If your computer has a lot of RAM to spare and to begin with, Chrome is a blessing. Each of the tabs are so quick that you almost feel there is only one internet window. The only flip side is that cumulatively the tabs take up more memory than having multiple tabs in Firefox.

I had also noticed that Firefox is susceptible to memory leaks if the window is open for too long. I am not sure how Chrome would measure up on that trait. Will have to check it sometime.