Monday, August 04, 2008

I dread the Olympics

As the opening ceremonies of the Olympics draw near, China takes the world's center stage.  Rightly so, because no other event matches Olympics in its scale or appeal and therefore the host country gets an opportunity to showcase itself on the global stage.  It is China's time and I am sure they will exceed expectations.  Foreigners visiting China will go back with fond memories of the country and the global media will marinate in loads of China-showcasing content.  The large MNCs hoping to sell more consumer goods in China will get their share of the pie.

India, on the other hand will as usual send a big contingent to the games and come back with a medal or two, at best.  What a contrast, between the two nations!  Yes, China is a communist country etc etc., yet, the marked difference in what is happening there is as opposed to hat is happening in India is glaringly visible everywhere.  Olympics are just one place where the differences are more prominent.  China's medals tally has been rising over the last few decades, whereas India has more or less achieved nothing. I am sure that the Chinese have put in place a disciplined structured approach, a sort of war preparation, to deliver the best at the games.  India, on the other hand has no clue what it takes to win even a bronze, forget a tally.  The few medals that might tinker in will probably be because of the super human efforts of a few determined souls.

I hate the Olympics; for one thing, I feel ashamed taking to anyone about it.  Because, they ask me about India's tally and I feel like I belong to boondocks. I like them, however, for the Games give us Indians an opportunity to reflect on how little we have achieved even after so much progress in the last few decades.   


Anonymous said...

In these times of heightened terrorism efforts, I just hope Beijing Olympics doesnt leave a scar as had Munich back in the 80's. Games on an international platform has always attracted political, territorial conflicts to put forward their agenda. So it would be a miracle in itself if China holds this together when seen from West-point of view as an oppression-minded country. As for the medals tally for India, no surprises if it is in byte code combinations - 0,1,0 or 0,0,1 or 0,0,0. Hopefully we both are proved wrong on the tally but that would be hoping against hope.

Vamsi said...

India, on the other hand will as usual send a big contingent to the games and come back with a medal or two, at best.

Well, you missed by one :-). What's even more cringe inducing is, the first thing that's being mentioned about the guy who won gold is that he's now a very eligible bachelor and that is the news item picked up by most of the world's news papers. ~cringe~ ~cringe~.


Girish Mallapragada said...


that's true - I coudn't believe it either. I guess in India all one can think of is getting married to the appropriate person, even in the eve of an olympic medal.