Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hail to the Queen and the Old Man

I could not believe how much of a role hubris plays in our lives. I watched in disbelief as Hillary forcefully stole the thunder from what was supposed to be Obama's convention. Not to mention all the Hillary supporters who are so disgruntled by her loss in the primaries. If there something called a bad loser, then some Hillary supporters are redefining it. They need to accept the reality that the political torch is being passed on to a new generation and what they are holding onto is hubris. Hail to the Queen - yes, except that the queen no longer as a country to rule.

Moreover, the media is so messed up that they keep referring to political dynasties as if it were a good thing. If Hillary would have been elected, we would have had two families, Bushes and the Clintons ruling the most powerful country on earth for 28 years. If you call that a democracy, you must be kidding me. Obama, brings freshness with his life's struggles. If you were to contrast him with McCain, you know who has the more realistic American story. McCain keeps claiming that he is more patriotic or is stronger on national security. If you really think about it, republicans are the ones who should be considered weak on this issue because it is because of their foreign policy mishaps that US finds itself in the current situation. Moreover, getting married to an ultra-rich heiress and owning multi-million dollar homes is not a typical American story. McCain is old, jaded and belongs to the past. Age is not always experience and given the problems that US faces today, what the country needs is new direction, not experience executing the wrong policies.

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