Monday, April 21, 2008

Wubi Ubuntu Heron and Thinkpad

I have been running Ubuntu Gibbon through Wubi on my Thinkpad.  I decided to move to Heron last week as I noticed that the beta for Heron was available through Wubi.  I prefer Wubi as it has made life so easy while using multiple OS on my laptop.  The few issues I had with Gibbon were that configuring the wireless took me sometime and configuring the screen resolution took a while given that I had a ATI card.

I first uninstalled Gibbon as I had learnt from my previous experience that I cannot upgrade Ubu8ntu if I am using Wubi.  I then downloaded the beta of Wubi. However, by default Wubi was trying to install the 64 bit version of Ubuntu and I never realized that. The first attempt was a failure during Ubuntu boot.  I then read the FAqs and found the guidelines! That was a no-brainer.  The guys should have posted a warning at least during the installation stage.  I then found the beta for the 32 bit version on Ubuntu's site, downloaded it and placed it in the same directory as the Wubi exe file.  from then on the installation was really smooth.  I booted using Ubuntu and the screen was automatically configured and the wireless configuration was a breeze through as well. 

More importantly, I was able to configure a bluetooth device, my Razr phone, and managed to transfer files to my laptop.  This was something I was never able to manage with XP.  Somehow Ubuntu made it so easy.  I use Ubuntu for browsing as I am beginning to feel that it takes less resources and does not convert my laptop to a heater!

I hate using Microsoft. However, I do, because much of my work is still tied to the OS.  I will probably remain a dual-boot nerd for a long long time.  As I continue to stick to Ubuntu, I have realized that it has nicely evolved into an alternative to the Microsoft OS.  Now that Vista is an official flop and Microsoft has speculated the release of Windows 7, Ubuntu shines on the horizon as the future of computing.

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