Tuesday, April 29, 2008

on creationism

here's a cross post based on one of my comments on a NY Times Article:

Religion should have no place in a civilized society. So much of peril has been brought upon our world by religious fundamentalists, and I am not just referring to radical islamists. I cannot stop myself from laughing my head off when creationists in the US argue that the Book of Genesis spoke about creation first. All I can say is that there are books in eastern religions that have spoken of creation 2 millenia before Jesus even strode this earth. Does it make Jesus irrelevant? The idea of creationism is beyond Christianity or the western view of religion. This thought has existed since time immemorial because of mankind's urge to explain their existence and without the tool called science various cultures have come up with their own explanations of the beginning of life as we know it. If Genesis has Adam and Eve, the Vedas talk about Varaha Avataram, so on and so forth.

I come from a very religious country and I can rather proudly admit that for all the ineffectiveness in our primary education system we have been able to keep god off from our science text books.

The development of rational thought and the scientific process has enabled us to explain a physical world that makes sense to us as a group. Things that were beyond our comprehension a thousand years ago are understood, researched and explained because of science. Religion had nothing to do with this progress. The rather simplistic explanations that religion has for explaining the beginning and meaning of life in itself are abhorring and trivialize the giant strides made by science in this regard.

Seriously, Adam and Eve and the evil python?


Ashutosh said...

Good rebuttal. And not only does religious "explanation" trivialize the strides made by science, but it is hardly an explanation at all and in fact raises many more questions that it thinks it answers.

Girish Mallapragada said...

Thanks Ashutosh. I have to admit that I have transitioned from a state of passive acceptance of the religious dogma that exists in India with respect to creation to an active denial!

Do I think there is a place for religion in society? Maybe yes. But, I surely know it is not to explain creation or how an automobile brake works. I am happy with science and engineers doing that for me.