Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's be honest

Marketing has taken too much flak.  I say, it is time marketing gets honest and reigns in its actors - models and celebrity endorsers who say unwanted things.  Sure, I do agree that the sole purpose of marketing is not to just "advertise" or "sell" or "convince" potential customers. It is a much broader definition that has many important components that include the matching between buyers and sellers, customer wants and needs and more importantly informing the customer as to how a product might solve the customer's problems.

Moving beyond this polemic treatise on marketing, there is one brand which i think is like the anti-christ to marketing's core message. I have no problems with brands that try to address genuine needs of consumers or which are not "shallow".  They live upto their promise.  This brand is Victoria's Secret.  I have nothing against their positioning or their marketing message.  I think it is fabulous and they have very nicely tapped into the male psyche.  However, I do take issue when one of their top models says on TV that she likes cheese and gorges on it.  Yet, the funny part is that her waist size is a mere 24, very atypical of the millions who like cheese and gorge on it.  I get cynical when i watch such messages.  Is this the purpose of marketing?  Are we here to cheat ourselves into believing that a model who looks gorgeous can also gorge on cheese?

BTW, do you know Beyonce likes Southern fried Chicken?

Moving on to a more airy philosophical issue the question is whether we have turned into a make-believe society that rewards our looks much more than what we are as humans inside.  Not just that, is a woman's beauty only enhanced by the lingerie she wears? If you answered with an emphatic yes, you are most likely to be either unmarried and less than 24 in age OR you are married and 40.  If you answered with an emphatic no, you are wise.  If you had a visceral reaction in between, then you need to visit the VS store soon.

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