Sunday, April 20, 2008

Launching India back to its past - The Mayawati Story

It might not come as a surprise to many that Mayawati has grander political ambitions than merely being the Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.  She clearly has an eye on the Prime Minister's Office and given her mass appeal with the underprivileged across the nation, particularly the cow belt, she might as well turn out to be the biggest winner in the next coming elections. 

Whether she will become the Pm or not she is sure to have a big influence on policy decision at the central level.  It would have benefited the underprivileged if she really had the integrity to follow up on her speeches.  However, the past has only shown that she is in fact as corrupt as they come.  But, what she will do is throw a wrench into the reform machines and the free market policies that are being implemented, albeit with inefficiencies, in the country.  With ambitions of serving the poor she will only make it worse for the entire country to move forward.

It has been proven many times over that nothing serves the broader welfare of the society than enabling them to help themselves.  Developing infrastructure in sectors such as power, telecom, transportation and energy will have a broader and deeper impact on chronically suffering sectors such as agriculture than giving it subsidies.  However, as expected any government which takes support from Mayawati or her likes is bound to become more protectionist at the same time being ineffective in the very premise of uplifting the poor.  What we will have, as a result, will be a Bihar at a much wider scale.

It is a pity, that it cannot be stopped by a defunct nepotistic Congress and a faith-ridden BJP.  We have no viable alternative and that is the primary reason for a rise in Mayawati's equity.  Let's hope there will be a miracle in the elections and Maywati falters.  Else, as a country we will only be launching ourselves into the past.


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Girish Mallapragada said...

Yes, I know. But that is the truth. In an age when we stand at the doorstep of a long road towards transforming ourselves into a developed country, Mayawati and her politics will probably just push us back by many decades.