Monday, April 28, 2008

How many days of cricket in India did you say

I was an avid cricket fan for a long time. I myself was guilty of spending countless hours watching test and one-day matches played by our beloved cricket team during my college years. Somehow it seemed justified at that point in time, but this new thing called IPL is really bothering me now.

My concern in general cricket is taking up too much of our time in India.  As a nation it is clear that we are already obsessed with Infosys, religion, and cricket among other things.  Do we need to further obsess about how the daredevils beat the charges for over 60 days in any given year ?

Now, apart from this sixty days of madness, the national team is going to play another 40-50 one day internationals, one or two more tewenty20 series and a couple of test series.  it continues to amaze me that even with this much cricket going on people don't seem to be fatigued at all! I have made it more than obvious in soem of my other posts as to who much I hate the IPL and how it will kill a game as we know it.  Call it the future of cricket but I am sure that the twenty-twenty is here only for the interests of big business and th destroy a game that was so captivating when the likes of Richards, Kapil and Imran strode the grounds.  Now it is all about selling toothpaste, motorcycles and televisions.  Moreover, there is not much fun left in watching these too many games happening all the time.  I prefer the once in a while test series and a couple of one-day series once in a while. It was more romantic, took up less time and one could look forward to interesting sportsmanship.

What we get now, is like Cricket on Demand. 

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Ottayan said...

Maybe reality is depressing.