Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blaming Miley Cyrus? Blame Hannah Montana first!

Latest in a series of scandals of Disney "idols" is the Vanity fair photo of Ms. Cyrus.  I am sure parenting blogs all over the earth are screaming for Ms. Cyrus' scalp.  well, to some degree they might be justified being parents of teen girls.  Hey! Wait a minute - aren't you the ones to be blamed to even allow some television character called Ms. Montana with a dual life to be your daughter's role model in the first place. no one can control any one else's life and if Ms. Cyrus wants to be herself, let her be.  It is for you to teach your kids that Ms. Cyrus is not Ms. Montana, and if you cannot do it then may God help you. Or rather may Murphy help you (I am trying to be an atheist and the only person I believe who can influence other's lives is Mr. Murphy).

So, will you go and sue Ms. Spears now because she was a Disney idol at some point in time. The truth of the matter is the issue does not lie in whether Ms. Cyrus is running around naked, but whether parents are allowing their kids to live in dreamscapes built on Disney's world in the first place.

I might be wrong in my arguments and maybe I cannot judge the full depth of the isue because I don't have a teenage daughter yet. But, I am learning quite a few things about Disney and its idols from all of this.

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