Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gone in four seconds

Yes! We got a perfect chance for making our Corvette race a bunch of street cars on a road in one of the Detroit suburbs.  The time was perfect, 11 in the night.  The racers were all there, a Black Dodge Charger to my left, a large white Escalade behind me, a silver Ford Mustang to my right and there we were in our red corvette in the middle lane.  I think it was the Charger that spotted us first and taunted us by racing ahead and slowing as if to goad us into a quarter mile dash.  I was at the wheel and resisted the temptation. I bet they all knew that none of their cars could have beaten our corvette in the race, or maybe they did.  The Corvette can easily pull off 0-60 mph in just over 4 seconds.

Then, the four cars surrounded me as we approached a red light.  I then realized that I was in the perfect setting for a quarter mile dash to the next light.  The others cars burnt rubber, and I waited, my heart was racing.  I looked to the right and behind me and realized that they were all teenagers giggling and smiling earnestly waiting to see if they could beat me to the next light.


They all sped past me, and I barely managed to get to 45: the legal speed limit, in about 5 seconds.  I chose not to race them. I knew better.  They were all kids probably in their early driving years and I didn't want to get into a street race with them - a possible recipe for disaster.  I did not want to end up as a bad future clip on World's wildest police videos.  I felt I did the right thing.

I was not sure if I had chickened out.   However, I sure knew that even I did I was a chicken in a corvette.


Jayarama Krishnan said...

Like they say, with great powers come great responsibilities. In your case, the power was literally at your right foot. And I'm proud you handled the responsibility well.
I know we've done such things on bikes several times on the roads of Hyderabad. Hats off, for resisting the temptation on more inviting roads in a more inviting vehicle. :)
PS: Probably like they say, wisdom comes with age...did someone recently cross 30? ;)

Girish Mallapragada said...

Smooth.. I agree raa .. I used to race anything that moves when I was in India and I feel dumb admitting it. Now, I don't, well, almost :). I agree with the age theory !

Mahima Hada said...

Oh, thank god! As I read the beginning of your post, the thoughts running through my head were "He didn't!! Oh god, he didn't!"

Glad you didn't. :)