Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Entertainment, Desi Style

It is almost a laughing riot when I watch news on CNN nowadays. Well, first of all I watch it on really high volume for one of two things - the family that lives in the apartment above me stomps around on the wooden floor so hard that I need a tool to cut down that racket. Second, my folks watch Tamil programs on the Internet.

Well, just to clarify, and in the interest of brevity, let me confess that as my mom and aunt are visiting me I am forced to find web sites that host regional language programs every night. The Internet never ceases to amaze me, and to my own chagrin and to the delight of my folks, I did manage to find such a site.

What this boiled down to is the same routine every night:
1) visit the site
2) look for uploaded programs for the day
3) download them
4) up the volume on CNN as my folks watch their favorite Tamil shows

So, I hear Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper with a twist of Tamil ads and the dramatic music in the background as the grand soap operas play out every day. Mothers-in-law scheme against their daughters-in-law, long lost sons find that their newly found father has multiple wives, aunts plot against their nephews to take over ancestral property; and, I spend my evening trying to focus on two physics principles about politics and the economy - momentum and gravity.
1) Momentum - Hillary tries to find one as she continues to lose the battle against Obama.
2) Gravity - the stock market continues to figure out that Newton was right all along and that things do fall to the ground (Although Jim Kramer tries to refute it while evangelizing a Bull market, failing to believe in Newton).

Honestly, I have come to believe there is not much of a difference between the two forms of entertainment - Tamil soaps and the grand political and economic debates on TV. Or, maybe, my senses have been numbed so bad that I no longer see the difference. Didn't Bill Clinton have an affair? Isn't the current lame duck Prez a goofball? Isn't Jim Kramer a maniacal stock-broker who shouts his head off on prime-time? Maybe you will disagree. Maybe you don't. But, I do sure have a wild ride for the next few months.

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Mahima Hada said...

hee-hee. Good post!