Monday, March 10, 2008

The Downfall of Vista

Vista is going down, really badly, and with it is going down Microsoft's reputation!  With all due credit to MS product development teams, the firm should probably learn a thing or two about ethical marketing.  MS is being sued for its "Vista Capable" claims.

While Vista falls flat and XP continues as the dominant OS, Linux surges ahead as the leading OS with advanced 3D capabilities and visualization.  I dual-boot with Ubuntu, a popular Linux Desktop OS.  It is amazingly fast, stable and easy to use. From a strategic standpoint, I think the Linux community should use the moment to ramp up Ubuntu and some of the other desktop flavors of Linux to beat the technology edge out of MS.  It is going to take a while for MS to fix the mess that Vista has created.  Millions of dollars that were invested on product development (which truly meant - poor design and lack of clean engineering in the OS), have gone down the drain.  It is not clear whether the future release candidates will correct the faults for MS.  Linux, particularly Ubuntu, is uniquely positioned to take the shine away from MS on GUI at this stage. 

The downfall of Vista will be the beginning for the rise of Ubuntu dominance.

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