Monday, February 04, 2008

Mayawati lives upto her name

If you can believe TOI reporting, then, here's a juicy one for you.  Apparently, the Chief Minister of UP raked in a cool sixty crores in rupees as her annual income.  That is roughly 15 million dollars last year alone!  The investigating authorities did not find anything wrong in she receiving tens of lakhs worth of property and cash in gifts from friends and well-wishers. I guess, the entire tax system and Mayawati in particular never cease to amaze and entire nation!

Well, I look at the positive side of things - at least she is paying Income Tax on the income.  In that sense, she probably has the moral superiority over the millions of our citizens who neither report the income or who do not pay tax.  Not to mention the millions of small businesses that always operate at a loss!

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