Monday, February 18, 2008

Beware Accord and Camry!

I dislike its "cheesy" ads on TV.  I am not a big fan of its marquee either.  However, I do trust the engineering team that delivered the Corvette!  So, here's the review of the all new 2008 Chevy Malibu on NY Times.  The article makes several references to my own car -  the Aura, and understandably so.  The Aura, made under the Saturn name, has a lot in common with the Malibu. Where the Aura tries to be a sporty Euro-style sedan, and does well, the Malibu aspires to be a Accord and Camry killer -  be a comfy, quiet family sedan, and I guess does it well!

I have been driving the Aura for over a year now - and I can only say I have been more than happy.  The car is quiet, is phenomenal at interstate speeds and gives me an amazing 30-32 mpg on the highway.

I have always maintained one thing!  With size comes additional problems.  While GM has been struggling with those and is trying to reinvent itself, Toyota has silently got into a phase where it will begin to face its own demons - those that GM is trying to exorcise and come clean!  If there is anything that will make Toyota falter, it will be a combination of a rejuvenated GM and Toyota's own follies with its botched entry into the SUV/truck market and its size. 

Secondly, the future auto-markets are in Brazil, China and India, where GM enjoys a wide lead in engineering and marketing presence.  Issues such as these will determine the winner of the 21st century's auto wars.

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