Monday, January 14, 2008

Ubuntu on Thinkpad T60p via Wubi

I was so glad I could get this combo running - Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on my Thinkpad T60p.  well, I have to admit that I used Wubi for the installation :).  Well, even with that, the installation was smooth, all except for one glitch with the video card.  I followed instructions on this page, and everything worked beautifully after that.  I was a little skeptical that the wireless card would not work. However, the restricted driver manager did automatically use the 3rd party open source driver being provided by Atheros and the wireless kicked in as well.  The only glitch was that the wireless on indicator never came on, and well I made peace with it as long as the card works.  However, given the importance of the data and programs on my windows boot, I decided to stick with Wubi as of now on my laptop.  I did not see a noticeable under performance because of the Wubi install.

I also have a dual-boot on my home desktop now and I managed to move from Wubi to a full install on that one.  As suggested on one of the web forums, I first used LVPM to move my Wubi install to an actual partition.  I then upgraded the Feisty version ( 7.04) to Gutsy (7.10).  I also have Heron running on one my old computers and due to the fact that Heron is still in alpha, I was not too comfortable of installing it on my current desktop.

Well, for now, I am happy I have an option to my Windows configuration.

Ubuntu surely has made a lot of progress!  The installation was really smooth, and given my earlier experience with Fedora, Mandrake and Ubuntu's own Drapper, I must admit that Feisty and Gutsy did blow me away!

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