Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On per capita consumption

Here's an interesting read on the differences between countries in their per capita consumption rates.  there are some very interesting points and indeed, relevant ones for all those who despise the rise of China, India and other developing countries. Being an immigrant myself, it might seem partial when I side with th developing world's argument, but there is truth to the argument that there is a lot of wastage in the developed world - specifically the US.  The difference factor 32, does not merely come into play through the natural consumption habits of the Americans.  Tell me, seriously - does a 4 family household need 3 cars? If US' answer to that question is an emphatic yes, then it does not deserve to complain about the high prices.  Because, then as a country US need to compete with China and India for that oil on the global market.  And compete severely, as India and China aim for 3 cars for their 4 family households. A top of the hat rough calculation will tell us that will result in 600 million households and 1.8 billion cars.  Compare that number with the 300 million odd cars in the US right now.  Well, we aren't getting to utopia I am sure with that kind of numbers.

If US' answer to that question is a emphatic no, then we will all probably get somewhere!

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