Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Missing iPhones?

I always wanted to meet someone who actually bought an iPhone and is using it with AT&T's service.  I never succeeded and eventually I found an interesting blogpost on the Times.
I have to admit though that my hometown, Hyderabad had not yet caught the iPhone fever.  There was talk of unlocked iPhones on the street, famously called "Jagdish market", where unlocked phones are sold at lower prices.  However, not many stored actually carried the sets.  I had to practically see my nephew who just turned seventeen carrying two different Nokia sets and using features we can only dream of in the US, to realize that India had not merely caught up with the rest of the world, but had actually leaped forward with respect to technology adoption.

Yes, I do see change.  However, I had to convince myself if this change added equal value to all consumers.  Sure, some benefit more from such technology than others do.  But, somehow I came back with a feeling that products are being adopted without intrinsic use per se!  Anyways, that is just my feeling, and I know it cannot be right!  Capitalism is at work here and I am sure that the outcome will increase public welfare and to this end, I keep reminding myself that it took a wait of about 8 years to get a wired telephone from the government owned telecommunications entity a mere 15 years ago! I guess I shouldn't complain about utility of a cell phone!

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