Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why this insensitivity?

The only thing that seems to rule in local Telugu news channels is the shock value.  I was watching news today and suddenly the screen showed a man's dead body with a noose around his neck.  This poor man had hung himself to death and the reported was covering the story.  The camera showed vivid images of the aftermath of a hanging.  It was gruesome and shocked me beyond comprehension.  Why this insensitivity to the dead?   Don't the dead deserve some privacy and respect?

Severe competition among the news channels has improved the variety but not the quality of reporting.  I prefer the good old days with DD2 when the news was delayed, but at least the dead got some respect.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Change .. %$^&*$ up NRIs.. For those NRIs who side-step lines in India

Firstly, I have to apologize for the title of my blog post, although I censored it myself.

Now that I have done that I would like to vent out my frustration and anger!  I landed in the hyderabad airport from detroit a few days ago.  I was telling my wife as we entered the terminal that a changing India still does present its ugly face quite often.  Not a moment passed after I said that and we saw a very busy man on his cell phone helped a woman with her child out of the line and usher her through immigration before others.  He kept talking to someone incessantly on his cell phone, someone apparently very important as he was calling him Sir, and telling him that he had his daughter out already.  My anger seethed, but like a wimp I did nothing, because I knew if I objected I would be stopped by the customs guys and harassed so badly that I wish I were not born!  But, in any case most of us who live within a system that does not penalize such atrocious behavior are wimps.  because we seldom object and let such events slip by right under our nose.

I hated the woman who by-passed the counter more than the guy who aided her in doing so.  The bitch (apologies) was coming from the US where she has seen a better system and knows better.  She acted as if she didn't even notice our presence and just went along with the guy speaking the vernacular.  But, I realized that many Indians never change. They just become their old self the moment they get back to India.  There are a lot of good things one can lean in the US.  Discipline while driving, abiding by rules, not side-stepping one's turn etc. etc.

I know that asking those who live in India not to do so might be foolishness, but for those who visit India from the US it is not too much of an ask. Change u as@#$%^&.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Second Coming - what about me ?

I believe I have never caused harm to anyone by malicious intent.  I can safely say that I have done some good to people in need, and have often reached out to help a number of people through various means - money, advice, emotional support included.  I have had my bad days, but through lot of pain and suffering I have redeemed myself put them behind me and managed to get my life in order.

But, through this process I have turned into some sort of an atheist monster who does not believe in god, for the most part. 

I had an interesting conversation with my cousin recently about Jesus and his second coming and how we all will be judged.  I am a born hindu, and so is she.  However, she is a devout Christian by faith and attends service diligently.  She prays for me and sincerely believes that on judgment day, I will be granted a safe way to heaven because of her prayers.  I took offense, almost immediately. 

I don't want to go to heaven.  I don't believe in it.  I am a good person, but I am not a Christian.  How can Jesus send me to heaven, if I am not a believer.  Doesn't the word of God say that all non-believers will be sent to hell? Doesn't Christianity eloquently state that all non-believers are sinners? and that Jesus is the only savior of the masses?  How come?

I am not a Hindu either, as I don't practice that faith.  Does it make me a sinner?  If I do not fall within the stereotypes laid out in any of these religions - then why is it that I would be sent to heaven or hell, as my case might be according to these faiths?

In fact, I would refuse to go to heaven, even if there was one.  I don't believe any one person or one messiah who can deliver us from this smut called our mortal life.  In fact, I don't believe that we are living a life of sins, if we lead a honorable life.  A life that is spent in being truthful, working hard and helping others. I don't need to read holy scriptures to learn that. I don't need to be a Brahmin to be that and neither do I have to pray to do that.  If I have caused harm to anyone in anyway, I deserve direct consequences of my actions and they will be meted out, I am sure. 

Many believers spend countless hours in churches singing the praises of the Lord and, and in temples chanting slokas.  What does it bring us?  Wouldn't this time be well spent if we help an orphanage or a old-age home and volunteer for community service.  And, if one does not have time to do all this, isn't it better to just donate money to charities?  Do we need to sing and pray and read holy scriptures to be true believers? First of all we need to be good humans, and then if there is any time left in our lives, we can probably spend that learning and being a better human, not just waste it attending sermons.