Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vatican: Speak Up now!

The moribund local politicians governing local school boards in the US are just plain ignorant. Do these people really believe that the earth was created a mere 6000 years ago? in a mere seven days and seven nights or whatever time frame the holy scriptures say. Politics should never be allowed to dictate knowledge and the truth!

Ideally there should not be any debate about whether creationism and evolution are even alternatives, because, they are not.  Religion is ignorant in this aspect, and plainly with respect to this context, it should be called a debate between ignorance and evolution and therefore evolution triumphs.  All this nonsense about religious conservatives trying to impose their world-view on us is because of Vatican's silence on this issue.  The problem is that if the Vatican takes a stance saying that they believe in Darwin, then they would be violating the holy books. But, they need to speak up.  Speak up to keep the religious right away from interfering with scientific progress.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Gphone, Open source, Linux...Hurray!

Yes! Google did make the announcement about its intentions to try and get into our pockets!  Through a cell phone, you stupid!  Although, Google will not be making the handsets per se it is going keep its software open so that developers all over the world can build apps onto it.  Such social innovation models are bound to be the future of a new technology revolution shaping up our lives.

The cute little Linux penguin is finding its way from the thousands of powerful linux servers that form Google's backbone to our pocket.  Google obviously wishes to get into our pocket to be able to finally serve up ads to cell-phone users.  Not a bad model, given that in countries like India the number of cell phones is bound to grow exponentially!  More particularly, the service providers in US will be forced to change their ways of keeping cell phone users hostage to their predatory policies. With the advent of the Gphone, we might all be finally free to keep our cell phone as we change carriers!

Rule of the Law

I was more than pleased to see the Delhi Consumer Commission take stern action against ICICI Bank. Credit recovery in India is a nightmare, and understandably so. Often, individuals often abscond after failing to pay back the loans they have taken from banks. Recently, the Supreme Court had passed a ruling strictly prohibiting the use of force during recovery of loans. ICICI, being the premier bank of the nation, should be ashamed of its actions.


I have heard stories from friends and relatives alike as to how goons would stand in front of their houses threatening to beat them up because a payment on a car/house loan was delayed. The banks in India have no way of differentiating a missed payment with a delayed payment. Moreover, in spite of all the hype about IT systems, they seem to be oblivious to the difference between loyal good customers and absconders, because their systems do not have the little intelligence required to differentiate the two groups.

Above and beyond the Commission's interference the stock market seemed to have just shrugged off the ruling. Being a public company, ICICI is responsible not just to its shareholders, but to the public in general if it fails to obey the law. I wish the investors realize this and penalize ICICI accordingly.