Saturday, March 24, 2007

There's a thing called sport!

Reading the scores of news articles on how the Indian fans are enraged at the team's exit from World Cup makes me repulsive.

I might be cynical, but in my world view cricket fans take out their frustrations, their losses and their own failures - and somehow see that in the failure of the Indian cricket team.  I have one thing to say - grow up!  Own up to your life - if the Indian team does well there is no reason to take national pride for that and make your own life seem colorful.  If they don't do well - let it go! It is just a game.

If we as a country are relying on something so mundane as a cricket match to resurrect our national pride, we are in dire straits!  Media has its own share in this whole thing - showing a scantily clad poverty stricken kid waving the Indian flag and cheering for India !  Is that how you generate positive feelings ?!

I feel utterly disgusted when people tell me that thousands are inspired by our team's performance - inspired to what ? To work harder in their life ? To be moral? To be sympathetic ?  I don't see any of these happening.  A warm fuzzy feeling, at best, which is lost in a day or maybe two.

We live in troubled times.  India is on the verge of a system wide break down due to an impending AIDS epidemic.  Millions of Indian children are impoverished, receive little or no education, women are abused in the name of marriage, and age old social customs stand in the way of a free and open society.   There are more important things than burning down Dhoni's house .

I hope times change.  I always wanted India to lose, so that millions lose their stupid obsession with the game and get on with their lives. It is high time, we realize what we are doing to ourselves.

Acadia and Outlook

I saw both these vehicles at the Detoit Auto Show and was really impressed with GM's re-entry into the Crossover market.  New York Times has a good review on the newest GM Twins.

Review of Acadia and Outlook


Two of the biggest cricket fans I have met in my life : my nephew Surya and my pal Kayyes have personally indicated to em that they have given up their interest in cricket after India lost to Sri Lanka miserably.  I can only sympathize for the game.  losing such fans can only mean one thing: the days of cricket's cult status in India are over!

My interest in cricket waned with the end of Azhar's disgraceful exit.  I had grown up as his fan and ended it with him.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Grad School Blues!

The date is fast approaching! I will probably defend my thesis in a couple of months and here I am back to my blogging. Not a very good sign, I suppose. Well, I am beginning to get some closure on my markov graph dynamic network model, so.. what the heck!

As I look back at the last five years in grad school, P(iling)h(igher)D(eeper)...I am beginning to feel that I will miss these years terribly. Be it the complex data analysis courses, the long drives back and forth between detroit and penn state, time with peers at local bars, meetings with my advisors, ..they will all be missed. Grad school blues!

I always wonder how long will I keep up the blogging! One of my peers in the program told me that faculty who are on the tenure clock should not out there blogging about "worldy" stuff. Apparently, we might get penalized at tenure review for something that we might have blogged about. Although the thought scares me, I continue to do it as I gathered that I am balanced in opinions on my blog!